Comentario de la Isagogé de Porfirio

Author: Averroes
- Non-Fiction
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Bernat Dedéu

Born Abu-l-Walis Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rusd in Cordoba in 1126, Averroes is the essential author of Hispano-Arabic philosophy and one of the most important commentators of Aristotle in the history of philosophy. Any of his commentaries is to be recommended, although the commentary on the Book of the Compendium Exhibition of Isagogé of Porfirio has received the most critical attention. In this work, Averroes traces the specific axes of his psychology, according to which the soul, as in Aristotle, is the primary faculty and entelechy of the human body. Elsewhere, the philosopher structures a passionate and complex schema of our cognitive activity in the cogitative, estimative, and judicative faculties. In parallel, Averroes committed himself, in what was a fiery polemic in his time, to affirming the existence of an agent of understanding, a capacity for reasoning common to all men and set apart from any reference to the divine, from which each human being develops his specific intelligence, called speculative understanding.

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