Réquiem por un campesino español

Author: Ramón J. Sender
- Fiction
- Stockcero 
- ISBN: 9789871136483
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Lluís Agustí

In Aragon, Mosén Millán, a village priest, prepares to officiate a mass for the soul of Paco el Molinero, a village youth executed in the first days of the Civil War because of his progressive ideas. The priest had baptized the young man, had educated him, and had even chosen him to be his altar boy. When Paco is forced to go into hiding, after the political events which precipitated the war, Mosén Millán, wishing to help the young man, urges him to give himself up. Paco is sentenced to the firing squad, and the priest will be obliged to hear his confession before the execution.

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