El farmacéutico de Auschwitz

Author: Patricia Posner
- Fiction
- Editorial Planeta
- ISBN: 9786070742347
- Release Date: 09-09-2009


The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is the little known story of Victor Capesius, a Bayer pharmaceutical salesman from Romania who, at the age of 35, joined the Nazi SS in 1943 and quickly became the chief pharmacist at the largest death camp, Auschwitz.

Based in part on previously classified documents, Patricia Posner exposes Capesius's reign of terror at the camp, his escape from justice, fueled in part by his theft of gold ripped from the mouths of corpses, and how a handful of courageous survivors and a single brave prosecutor finally brought him to trial for murder twenty years after the end of the war. The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is much more, though, than a personal account of Capesius. It provides a spellbinding glimpse inside the devil's pact made between the Nazis and Germany's largest conglomerate, I.G. Farben, and its Bayer pharmaceutical subsidiary. The story is one of murder and greed with its roots in the dark heart of the Holocaust. It is told through Nazi henchmen and industrialists turned war criminals, intelligence agents and zealous prosecutors, and intrepid concentration camp survivors and Nazi hunters. Set against a backdrop ranging from Hitler's war to conquer Europe to the Final Solution to postwar Germany's tormented efforts to confront its dark past, Posner shows the appalling depths to which ordinary men descend when they are unrestrained by conscience or any sense of morality. The Pharmacist of Auschwitz is a moving saga that lingers long after the final page.

Victor Capesius custodiaba la reserva nazi de gas Zyklon B y proporcionaba fármacos que eran empleados por médicos para llevar a cabo experimentos espantosos y mortales en mujeres embarazadas y niños. 
Hurgaba en los cadáveres de los judíos en busca de empastes de oro, y llevado por la codicia, arrastraba pesadas maletas llenas de ese metal extraído a miles de víctimas. El farmacéutico de Auschwitz cuenta su historia.  Tras una exhaustiva investigación, Patricia Posner recrea la historia de Victor Capesius, desde su paso como vendedor por la industria farmacéutica, su posterior incorporación al nazismo, su ascenso como siniestra figura en los campos de concentración y el tortuso proceso que llevó a su captura y condena en los juicios de Auschwitz.

Posner presenta documentos y testimonios inéditos que revelan la vida y obra de uno de los asesinos más siniestros y desconocidos de la brutal maquinaria del Tercer Reich.

La historia del hombre más cruel del nazismo.


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