VILA-MATA, Enrique

Vila-Matas is a Spanish writer who was born in 1948 in Barcelona and was taken to live in Paris during his youth.

He published his first book, La asesina ilustrada, in 1977 and has written continuously since that year. It was with the publication of Historia abreviada de la literatura portátil that he began to be recognized and admired in the international sphere, especially in Latin America and Portugal.

Vila-Matas’ works, which are a mixture of essay, journalistic report and novel, are fragmentary and ironic and blur the limits between fiction and reality.

Some of his most important books are Suicidios ejemplares, Hijos sin hijos, Extraña forma de vida, El viaje vertical (winner of the 2001 Rómulo Gallegos Prize) and Bartleby y compañía (recipient of the Ciudad de Barcelona prize, as well as France’s Best Foreign Book of the Year Award and Aguirre-Libalire prize).
His novel El mal de Montano (2002) received the Herralde Prize.


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