TAIBO II, Paco Ignacio

Taibo is a Spanish writer who was born in January 1949 in the northern town of Gijón but has lived in Mexico since 1958.

His work includes historical novels, short stories and crime fiction and he has also passionately devoted himself to the journalism profession.

Taibo’s career as a writer can be summed up as follows: more than 50 titles – novels, short stories, comic books, journalistic reports, historical essays – published in 20 countries, as well as numerous literary awards including the 1982 Grijalbo Novel Prize for Héroes convocados: manual para la toma del poder; the Café Gijón Prize for De paso; the INAH National History Prize; and the Francisco Javier Clavijero Prize for Bolsheviquis.

Historia narrativa de los orígenes del comunismo en México 1919-1925. The novel Muertos incómodos, which he co-authored with Zapatista Army of National Liberation spokesman Subcomandante Marcos, was published in 2005.




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