RISO, Walter

Psychologist Walter Riso is one of the most popular Latin American authors on the subject of personal growth, with more than one million copies sold.

Born in Naples, Italy in 1951, his family emigrated to Argentina when he was a child and took up residence inBuenos Aires.

Riso specialized in cognitive therapy and studied philosophy and bioethics as part of his lifelong interest in issues related to the development of human potential.

He has also written numerous technical and self-help psychology books aimed at improving people’s mental health and quality of life.

Riso currently lectures and teaches at several universities, carries out research in the field of cognitive psychology and conducts therapy sessions.

His works include Entrenamiento asertivo (1988); Aprendiendo a quererse a sí mismo (1996); De regreso a casa (1997); Intimidades masculinas (1998), Amar o depender (1999) and Pensar bien, sentirse bien (2004).




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