MIHURA, Miguel

Mihura, a Spanish writer and journalist who was born in Madrid in 1905, was the son of actor, author and house manager Miguel Mihura Álvarez.

The young Mihura abandoned his studies to devote himself to drawing for different magazines of that era, such as Gutiérrez, Buen Humor and Muchas gracias.

In 1941, he founded another humor magazine, La Codorniz, but quit the publication’s management staff three years later. Mihura collaborated on the script for Luis García Berlanga’s film Bienvenido, Mr. Marshall, a classic Spanish comedy, and made his first foray into the world of the theater with Tres sombreros de copa, which was written in 1932 but didn’t debut for another 20 years Beginning in the 1950s his works took on a more satirical tone, a shift in direction particularly apparent in A media luz los tres.

Mihura reinvigorated Spanish comic theater with his facility for semantic wordplay and absurdist plot twists and turns. He died in October 1977.




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