MACHADO, Antonio

A Spanish poet and prose author, Machado was a member of the literary movement known as the Generation of ’98 and is probably the most widely read writer from that period.

Born in 1875 in Seville, he moved to Madrid to study and published his first prose writings in 1893, followed eight years later by the appearance of his first poems.

Machado visited Paris in 1899 and again in 1902, the year in which he met Rubén Darío, the Nicaraguan poet who became his lifelong friend.

In Madrid, he met Miguel de Unamuno, Ramón del Valle Inclán, Juan Ramón Jiménez and other prominent writers with whom he formed close friendships.

Machado, who was elected to the Royal Spanish Academy in 1927, and his brother Miguel, also a poet, worked together on a number of plays. La Lola se va a los puertos and La duquesa de Benamejí are two of those collaborative efforts.

He was in Madrid when the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936 but later was evacuated to Valencia andBarcelona. In January 1939, Machado went into exile in the French town of Collioure, where he died a month later.trong>



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