LARRA, Mariano Jose de

Born in Madrid in 1809, Larra studied law in Valladolid and medicine in Valencia, but at the age of 19 gave up his studies to pursue a career in journalism.

Like many Romantic authors, he combined his journalistic and literary activities with an interest in politics. He was a politically engaged writer in the most modern sense of the word.

Along with Goya, Larra was a key figure in the transition from Neoclassicism to Romanticism and the two can be seen as forerunners of Modernism in Spain.

Larra cultivated different literary genres but he is best known for his journalistic articles published under the pseudonyms “Fígaro” or “El pobrecito hablador” (The Poor Little Talker). In addition to his prolific journalistic output, Larra also wrote poems, plays and novels.His verse is generally Neoclassic in style and represents the ideals of the Enlightenment.

Larra committed suicide in February 1837, shortly after writing his famous article titled La Nochebuena de 1836.



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