Goytisolo is a Spanish novelist who was born in Barcelona in 1931.

His first novel was Juegos de manos, which was followed by Duelo en el Paraíso and the trilogy El circo, Fiesta and La resaca, among other works that are testimonial and critical in nature.

He expounds upon the theoretical foundation for those writings in his essay Problemas de la novela.Señas de identidad, one of his most acclaimed works, marks a shift toward greater experimentation that would become more apparent in Reivindicación del conde don Julián and in Juan sin Tierra.

In those installments of the so-called Álvaro Mendiola trilogy, Goytisolo expresses his rupture with Spainand his complete rejection of the values of the West.

His most recent novel is El sitio de los sitios about the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Goytisolo has also published two controversial memoirs, Coto vedado and En los reinos de Taifa, and several collections of essays.




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