A Spanish poet, novelist and essayist born Nov. 11, 1928 in the southern city of Jerez de la Frontera. Caballero Bonald studied navigation, economics and philosophy and letters.

He was a professor at the National University of Colombia and is considered a leading figure in the post-war evolution of Spanish literature.

He published several poetry collections including Memorias de poco tiempo, Anteo, and Pliegos decordel, as well as the travel book Cádiz, Jerez y los Puertos.

In 1981, Caballero Bonald published the novel Toda la noche oyeron pasar pájaros, which was awarded the Ateneo de Sevilla Prize. His other most significant works include Descrédito del héroe, Ágata ojo de gato, Narrativa cubana de la Revolución and Breviario del vino.


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