Tusquets, Spirit of '69

The Barcelona publishing house celebrates 50 years in the business with a party in Esplugues de Llobregat.

In 1969, man landed on the moon and the albino gorilla Copito de Nieve was the cover star of the Guide to the Barcelona Zoo. With these two eccentricities marking some sort of natural destiny, Beatriz de Moura laid out her own, the creation of Tusquets Editores, inside the living room and kitchen of her barely 70-foot square apartment. An ever-mobile office, its location shifted depending on whether she had had the time to clear the wreckage from the frequent parties-slash-talking shops of the night before.

Without going into detail, she remembers precisely the night, a Thursday when she celebrated the half century mark of her publishing house and her own 80 years of life. "Now that I can see my life from a distance, I realise that I started living at 30, when I understood that I wanted to be surrounded by books," she acknowledged.

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