TodoLiteratura interviews Jordi Ledesma: “Fiction allows you to adjust what happens within the narrative framework that best suits you.”

Jordi Ledesma is a novelist who enjoys writing stories based on real life. Fiction provides him enough freedom to compose a tragedy which happens 20 years in the past, ...

and which resolves itself in the novel, as if all of it were real. La noche sin memoria (The Night Without Memory) is a long reflection about deeds that went unpunished on account of the perpetrator’s political office as someone linked to the most brutal kind of Francoism.

The author from Tarragona, though not a journalist himself, admirably puts himself in the shoes of an investigative journalist who delves into the two crimes the novel deals with. With a strong meta-literary component, he gradually introduces us to the ins and outs of a very personal but extremely effective investigation. In the interview he reveals some of the keys to his tale, which we’ve chosen as one of the best suspense novels of last year.

Read the interview here: TodoLiteratura 

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