Industry Notes: IPG Adds Spanish Publishers; BookCon Tickets on Sale

As the Independent Publishers Group announces three new Spanish-language contracts, New York City’s BookCon opens ticket sales—for June 1 and 2.

Three publishing houses concentrated in Spanish-language content have signed with the Independent Publishers Group, which is among the largest of the United States’ independent distributors of books.

In each case, the agreement is for distribution in the States and Canada, and starts on January 1.

Édiciones Larousse is the Spanish-language arm of the French publishing house Éditions Larousse. The company is a leading publisher of Spanish dictionaries, reference guides, cookbooks, and children’s books based in Mexico City.

Cinco Tintas is a health-and-lifestyle publisher based in Barcelona and specializing in popular nutrition trends such as detoxing, juicing, and superfoods, as well as vegan and paleo diets.

Akiara Books publishes children’s picture books and is based in Barcelona.

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