“Olvidado Rey Gudú [Gudu, the Forgotten King]”, the novel that brought Ana María Matute out of the dark

The author, Ana Maria Matute, traveled all over the world. She was a highly-acclaimed literary figure, with considerable and highly-valued work to back her up.

On the fourth anniversary of the author’s death, , ABC has reconstructed, thanks to yet unpublished material, the writing, editing, and publishing process of this immense work, initially published in 1996 and from which a commemorative edition has just arrived in bookstores.

. Luck finally smiled upon her; however, suddenly, she no longer had the desire to live, or, of course, to write. In her own words, it wasn’t that she was "afraid to write, it was that I wasn’t interested, I didn’t care. Nothing mattered to me.” That was the year 1975, and her unforeseen state of anxiety led her to abandon the novel she had been carrying with her since the end of the 60s, Gudu, the Forgotten King. An immense work which marked the life of its author and for which Destino has just published a commemorative edition.


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