Five thousand documents and an unpublished play will provide deeper knowledge on the work of Machado

The Unicaja Foundation has reached an agreement to acquire 4,700 scattered documents from the Machado brothers, among which an unpublished play titled 'La Diosa razón" (The Goddess Reason) has been found.

When Antonio Machado died in Collioure on February 22nd, 1939, his brother José gathered the documents that the family had taken with them to the French town, put them away and forgot about them. Eight years later, when his brother Manuel died in Madrid and he became broken from sadness, emptiness and a hidden sense of guilt. His wife, Eulalia, then did the same thing with her archive and part of her library and donated them to Burgos County Council. The impact and work of the Machado Ruiz brothers did not fade with the passing of time. Years later, unpublished documents come to light on the relationship that both brothers had maintained with poetry, their love for theatre, their antagonistic political activism and their affection for a family who fell victim to the Civil War of ‘36 that ended up splitting it in two. The Machado Ruiz brothers’ seven great nephews and nieces have so far sold 4,750 documents to the Unicaja Foundation, scattered between Madrid, Prague and Santiago de Chile treasuring, among other jewels, an unpublished play titled ‘The Goddess Reason’, written by both, and a letter signed by Leonor Izquierdo, Antonio's young wife, addressed to her mother-in-law, Mrs. Ana Ruiz.

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