Fernando Aramburu wins The European Strega Prize

This time the renowned novel of the San Sebastián native was awarded the prize at the Turin International Book Fair. Patria is a novel about the deep Basque Country of ETA. It takes place during the “leaden” years following the Franco regime, has touched the hearts ......

of “almost” all Spaniards, has traveled “almost” everywhere, has been written about “almost” everywhere, and is now at the center of the contemporary literary scene again. The “almost” is so as not to leave out the few undecided who have not yet immersed themselves in the adventure of reading it. After winning the Critic's Award for Best Spanish Language Narrative (2016), the Francisco Umbral Prize for Novel of the Year (2017), the National Narrative Prize and the Dulce Chacón Prize for Spanish Language Narrative (2017), the novel by poet, novelist and essayist Fernando Aramburu (San Sebastian, 1956) has now been awarded the European Strega Prize. Last year the book was translated into Italian by Bruno Arpaia and published by Guanda Publishing, and received the 3,000€ prize by 11 votes out of 25. This year's jury included winners of previous editions of the European Strega Prize: Alessandro Barbero, Laura Bosio, Rossana Campo, Antonella Cilento, Maria Rosa Cutrufelli and Antonio Debenedetti.

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