La perra

Author: Pilar Quintana
- Fiction
- Literatura Random House
- ISBN: 9789588979731
- Release Date: 01-30-2018


Una conmovedora novela de Pilar Quintana. Damaris, una mujer del Pacífico entrada en la madurez y con muchas decepciones a cuestas, adopta a una perra y la llama Chirli, como hubiera querido llamar a la hija que nunca tuvo. Nace, así, una relación intensa y entrañable, en la que Damaris pone todo de sí para enderezar un destino que ya creía del todo torcido.

A moving novel by Pilar Quintana. Damaris, a mature woman from the Pacific with many disappointments behind her, adopts a dog and names her Chirli, which is what she would have named the daughter she never had. Thus is born an intense, fond relationship in which Damaris invests all of herself to straighten out a destiny that she believed was already totally awry. “On the Pacific coast of Colombia, far from an idyllic postcard, Damaris lives with her husband Rogelio. In this corner of the planet, life knows no certainty and dreams coexist with the bloodiest nightmares. Everyone finds themselves fenced in: by the horrible landscape as well as its tumultuous internal limits. In La perra / The Dog, Pilar Quintana intertwines human nature and the chaos of the universe with extraordinary mastery. This is a novel full of mysteries about unrequited desires, guilt, and the places that love still circulates.” –Gabriela Alemán 

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