Arzalia Ediciones is born. A new publishing seal specializing in History

The birth of a publishing house is always good news for the world of books and literature. Now this world is welcoming Arzalia, a new publishing seal specializing in history and in the variety of forms available in the genres of the novel and the essay.

At the head of this company is Ricardo Artola. An experienced publisher and popularizer of history, Artola has amassed thirty years of experience, and has directed collections in Alianza Editorial, Planeta, and Ediciones B. Artola is also the author of several books of popular history, the span of which goes from the two world wars to the space race that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union. In addition to novels and essays, the directors of the publishing house have set aside a section for titles that, without adhering to its main focus, will be worth publishing.

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