Fernando Aramburu wins the National Prize of Fiction with Patria

Fernando Aramburu has won the National Prize of Fiction 2017—sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and endowed with 20,000 euros – with Patria (Fatherland), a "global novel" about "a time of strife in the Basque Country."

The jury has highlighted that the award-winning novel was chosen "for the psychological depth of its characters, its narrative tension, and the succesful integration of its different points of view, as well as the ambition of writing a global novel about a time of strife in the Basque Country."

Aramburu (San Sebastián, 1959), who is the author of Años lentos (Slow Years, 2012) and El trompetista del Utopía (The Trumpet Player of the “Utopia,” 2003), has a degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Zaragoza, and since 1985 lives in Germany, where he has worked as a Spanish teacher. He has also written Fuegos con limón (Fires with Lemon, 1996), Los ojos vacíos (The Empty Eyes, 2000), Bami sin sombra (Bami Without a Shadow, 2005), Viaje con Clara por Alemania (A Trip Around Germany with Clara, 2010), La Gran Marivián (The Great Marivián, 2013), Ávidas pretensiones (Avid Pretensions, 2014), Las letras entornadas (The Ajar Letters, 2015) and Patria (Fatherland, 2016).

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