Aboard the «Tren Negro» (“Noir Train”), a literary feast comes to Gijón

La Semana Negra (“Noir Week”), the biggest outdoors literary festival in Europe, will be celebrated this year with the participation of authors such as Leonardo Padura and Petros Márkaris.

The «Tren Negro» (“Noir Train”) is making its annual stop at Gijón (Asturias) for the opening of the Semana Negra (Noir Week), bringing on board over a hundred writers. During the course of these nine days, they will be able to enjoy the 150 cultural events that have been prepared for this year. In its 29th edition, the festival is asserting itself as the biggest outdoors literary gathering in all of Europe. The guest writers will travel from Madrid on the aptly named “Noir Train,” and will be greeted at the Gijón train station. In this occasion, the Charanga «El Ventolín» band will be in charge of welcoming the festival participants. The band is well known in Asturias for their altruistic efforts in behalf of the social, civil, and political rights of the citizenry.

This year’s edition is distinguished by the great number of writers from Spain dedicated to a whole diversity of genres, as well as by the space that the organization has set apart for the crime fiction that is currently being published in Italy and South America.

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