The Madrid Book Fair begins for it’s 76th year with Portugal as the country of honour

May 23rd, 2017
“We are certain that this will be a good fair, although, as always, we send out this message of optimism and confidence from a position of caution” said Manuel Gil, the new director of the fair replacing Teodoro Sacristán, at the press conference held at the event’s presentation.

Among the changes for the event’s 76th year, Gil emphasised the desire to “promote this event to an international level, 

as a vital and concrete part of the city’s heritage” and with this aim in mind, he announced meetings with the directors of the Ibero-American Book Fairs (Buenos Aires, Bogota, Guadalajara and Lima) which will take place in the next few days and whose goal will be to “work together and find synergies between the most important book fairs in the Spanish speaking world.”

The figures from previous years have centred around two million visitors and earnings in 2016 of 8.2 million euros.”

The Spanish Bookstage

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