The biggest publishing houses celebrated the success of the Buenos Aires Book Fair

Sales are up 20%, especially in non-fiction and young adults, but the crisis hits the smaller companies.
The success of Penguin is not repeated in the smallest publishers, many of which had shared stands. But it is similar to that of the other editorial tank, Grupo Planeta.

Marcela Kozlowski, in charge of the stand, says that the company she represents "always sells well" and, although she did not confirm figures, would have sold 20% more than last year. The success of these publishers is guaranteed even before the fair begins. These are the stamps marketed by the most valued companies by the Argentine public and that, in recent years, saw their sales inflated thanks to two very local phenomena: the children and young adults and the already eternal discussion about the political rift.

Thus, V&R Publishers will remember with special affection this edition that ends thanks to a promising 54% increase in sales. The label specializes in the fastest growing sector in the market, that of children and adolescents. The third author who recorded greatest sales at the show was Mercedes Pérez Sabbi, who is dedicated to that niche. Salvador Doldán is responsible for the Edhasa stand, the seal that, among other things, has Harry Potter, the great unbeatable.

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