Has Spanish startup BTwinBooks finally cracked book bundling?

Will BTwinBooks's IoT technology triumph?. BTwinBooks promises a "seamless" digital and physical bundle solution for books. Using proprietary Internet of Things-based technology, the company assigns a unique ID to physical books which gives immediate access to associated digital content...

"Life is not physical or digital, why should the reading experience be?" asks co-founder Fernando San Martin. "Our solution allows readers to adapt their reading to any circumstance. For relaxed reading they might prefer a paper book, for commuting they can switch to their mobile device, and when driving or running they can turn to the audiobook. It also allows publishers to better adjust the nature of what they offer, the authors they sign, the scale of their print runs… we hope BTwinBooks will pave the way for a true digital ecosystem where readers, publishers and authors will find common ground."

The Madrid-based BTwinBooks is run by a seven-strong team with backgrounds spanning the publishing, technology and digital business industries. Between them, San Martin and his fellow co-founder Enrique Zorrilla boast over 40 years' executive experience in the international strategy, innovation management and digital transformation fields, and San Martin is a partner at Bamboo Seed Capital, an early-stage seed capital fund focused on investing in rapid-growth tech companies.

From the publishing side, c.e.o. Josep M. Mas has spent 20 years in international publishing companies, mainly in Europe and Asia, for 20 years, while c.m.o. José Luis Ramírez owns a mid-sized Spanish publishing company and is founder of the largest reader community social network in Spanish, quelibroleo.com. 

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