Amazon chooses Seville’s Plaza de España to set up a Giant Bookstore

The company is setting up a giant bookstore on the occassion of "Día Mundial del Libro" (International Book Day). Seville will be the only city in Spain that will participate in this international event to promote the reading. Amazon has announced that it will set up a giant bookstore next Thursday at Seville’s Plaza de España to celebrate the International Book Day.

This is part of a global action that will take place in eleven cities around the world. 

According to the company, this project will enable all Sevillians to enjoy the pleasure of reading.  Each one who brings a book will be able to exchange it for a new one.

Amazon  will build a 20 meters bookshelf with more than 1,000 books so that readers from this  Andalusian capital will be able to exchange books anonymously.

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