José Luis García, international poetry prize Miguel Hernández.

The poet José Luis García (Barcelona, 1964) has won the international poetry award Miguel Hernández-Comunidad Valenciana 2017 for his work La semilla del óxido, in which he reflects on life. This award, endowed in this edition with 8,000 euros, is a credited and artistic element, published by Devenir,....

has been given  in Orihuela (Alicante), hometown of Miguel Hernández, whose 75th anniversary of his passing  is commemorated on March 28 . 

La semilla del óxido presented in six parts and composed of 55 poems, is a work "with an actual language and a determined presence on the contemporary world," according to the jury. "The poet integrates himself into this world to attract the reader and present his poetic universe with his achievements and shadows," they added. So far José Luis García has published 25 books of poetry, among which are Tears of misty red (Villa de Martorell award , 1989), Traces in the labyrinth. Book of Britannia (Prize Juan Alcaide 2010), Seas of Frost (Prize Luys Santa Marina, 2016) and, in narrative, has been the winner of the Villa of San Esteban de Gormaz.

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