Bruce Drysdale fourth-graders publish book written entirely in Spanish

Students at Bruce Drysdale Elementary have a head start on changing the world. They're already published authors. Fourth-graders in Claudia Rivera's dual language class premiered their book, "Changing the World," which students wrote entirely in Spanish and self-published.

Friday afternoon, the students read their book aloud in Spanish to their parents and family members. All 21 students wrote about their future plans in about two to three pages each and made a drawing showing how they plan to turn their dreams into actions.

The students wrote about how they are planning to change the world by the time they turn 20. One student said they want to solve poverty and hunger by selling lemonade. Another wrote about fixing pollution by putting up "no littering" signs. One student wrote that they want to become a scientist to fix the hole in the o-zone layer.

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