America Reads Spanish and the American Library Association Join Forces to Launch the Días de Cine Reading Club at American Libraries

The original and entertaining format involves free viewing via the Internet of cinematic adaptations of literary works included in the program’s collection of titles.

The DÍAS DE CINE Reading Club is an initiative sponsored by the America Reads Spanish program and the American Library Association to promote literature and the Spanish language in American libraries and universities. The original and entertaining format involves free viewing of cinematic adaptations of literary works included in the program’s collection of titles via the Internet.

It's Free

The program is offered at no cost for U.S. libraries and universities. To participate, libraries simply have to register and send the form provided at the America Reads Spanish website. Then you will receive an exclusive user password via e-mail. This password will allow you to enjoy, legally and free of charge, public viewing of the movie of the week via online streaming in your library or university. The only requirements are a computer and an Internet connection.

A New Movie Each Week

Every week a new movie (see Movie List in the America Reads Spanish website) will be made available for group viewing at a library or university. The user password authorizes the library or university to watch the film of the week anytime during that week (with a maximum of five viewings per week). This will allow librarians to schedule their reading or viewing group on the day and hour most suitable to their needs.

Support Materials Included

An abstract of the film and of the book on which it is based is attached in PDF format to help librarians disseminate information about the film to reading clubs and other groups.  It couldn’t be any easier! Librarians simply print the PDF and post it on the library or university bulletin board, or distribute it to group members digitally or in printed form. Specific notes and comments can be added freely if additional information needs to be provided.

Enhancing Local Communities

Nothing strengthens group solidarity more than sharing experiences together. And that is precisely what the DÍAS DE CINE Reading Club offers: an opportunity for members of local communities with like interests to meet on a weekly basis, to enjoy a new film as a group, to share in the emotions awakened by the cinematic adaptations of the distinguished literary works made available to American libraries entirely without cost, and to partake of good company. And everything can take place on the premises of the library or university, with the simplicity of an Internet connection and the convenience and ease of just one click.

About America Reads Spanish

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds (FGEE) developed the campaign America Reads Spanish aiming to increase the use and reading of our language through the thousands of libraries, schools and book stores in the US. To better convey and disseminate this message, America Reads Spanish is counting on numerous partners that include professional associations, bookstore chains, public and private libraries and prominent Hispanic associations in this country.

About American Library Association

Founded in 1876, the American Library Association has 60,000 members and provides leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.

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