New poetry in Spanish, plural and diverse

What kind of poetry is being written nowadays, both in Spain and at the other side of the Atlantic? Several anthologies answer that question.

After all the debates, the controversies, and even the iron curtains, the poetry in Spanish seems to be going through a moment of calmness and rumination. After all the discourses about dominant aesthetics, ministry and militancy have exhausted themselves, the pact that has been achieved has a name: plurality. A plurality that has to be understood as a way of relativizing and combating all forms of dogmatism, authoritarianism, as well as the arrogance of the sole discourse. Gertrude Stein’s words about the fact that in the 20th century nothing agrees with anything seem to have transformed into this maelstrom of unresolved diversity that Richard Tarnas spoke about. It has been a slow, even heroic movement, but since the end of the past century the presence of a new intellectual vision has really broken through. A new vision that can be resumed thus: the ultimate nature of reality is complex and diverse, and so are the aesthetic discourses that attempt to express it.

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