Julia Navarro's “Shoot Me, I’m Already Dead”: Many books within

Editor and writer Adriana V. Lopez review Navarro's latest work. “An unforgettable novel that, like history’s classics, conceals many books within”, she says about the bestseller.

By Adriana López

Book Title: Shoot Me, I’m Already Dead (Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto)

Author: Julia Navarro

Publisher: Penguin Random House

After the Zuckers are banned from their homeland of Russia because they are Jewish, suffering unspeakable horrors under the tsar’s rule, they set out for the Promised Land of Israel. Land is cheap and the sellers grateful, and when they buy the lands of the Ziads, an Arab family, Ahmed Ziad and Samuel Zucker establish a strong bond that will overcome religious and political differences and continue on for generations.

This riveting family saga that begins at the end of the 19th century and culminates in 1948, is not only Spanish author Julia Navarro's most ambitious book after her best seller, Tell Me Who I Am (Dime quién soy), but it is also a novel filled with real people who are responsible for their own destinies, who will follow their dreams and fight for their lives within the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. An unforgettable novel that, like history’s classics, conceals many books within.

*Available in Spanish and in English translation in the U.S.

Adriana López: lopez.adrianav@gmail.com

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