The Miami Book Fair embraces the Netflix model

It will be held November 15-22 and most of its events will be seen “on demand.” The Miami Book Fair will allow the residents of the city to refresh their library, already revised during the pandemic.

"Books and reading have served as lifesavers in this tsunami that has been 2020," said Mariela Gal, director of the Ibero-American Authors Program at the Miami Book Fair, indicating that the publishing industry has suffered greatly from the impact of the crisis and the quarantine due to the cancellation of live presentations and the shut downs of bookstores.

Stronger than ever, the virtual universe defines the 2020 Miami Book Fair, which will air November 15-22 with most of its events “on demand” and some live Q&A sessions. The on-demand events will work like a Netflix-style streaming platform, Gal explained and are a great advantage for this fair, since they can be seen at the time the viewer chooses.

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