Frankfurt Guest of Honor Spain: Looking Ahead to 2022

Two key components come into play in Spain’s bid for greater traction for Spanish literature—a new ‘Books from Spain’ rights portal and new translation funding for international publishers. (Sponsored).

As you may be aware, one of the myriad effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has been the postponement by one year of four guest of honor programs at Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Canada, while contributing solid programming this year, will have its fully rendered physical Guest of Honor Canada program on-site in the 2021 trade show. This, then, will be followed by:

  • Guest of Honor Spain: 2022 (October 19 to 23)
  • Guest of Honor Slovenia: 2023 (October 18 to 22)
  • Guest of Honor Italy: 2024 (October 16 to 20)

And many who are watching final plans fall into place for the digital special edition of Frankfurt Book Fair (October 14 to 18) are impressed with the vigorous and savvy steps being taken by Guest of Honor Spain 2022.

We have two looks at the Spanish organizer’s plans for Frankfurt:

  • In this story, we look at two programs Spain is opening as specific outreach vehicles for Spanish literature in the world marketplace
  • And in our sidebar, we have listings of activities to look for during Frankfurt week 2020

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