Los Angeles bookstore owner on reinventing her small business during the pandemic

Celene Navarrete first met her business partner Chiara Arroyo at a book fair for their children’s school. “Chiara is from Spain and I’m from Mexico, and our children go to a bilingual program here in Los Angeles,” said Navarrete.

They both expected to find many books in Spanish at the book fair.

“But that was not the case. And it was very disappointing for us,” she recalls. “So, we decided to take action.”

That is when LA Librería, a Los Angeles bookstore that specializes in imported children’s books from Spanish-speaking nations around the world, was born. Navarrete and Arroyo travel to Latin American countries and Spain to find authentic Spanish-language children’s books. They carefully select books that resonate with kids and young adults in the United States and bring them back to stock their shelves.

“LA Librería is more than a bookstore,” said Navarrete. “It is a cultural hub, where people connect with other families that are raising bilingual children.”

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