One book in two languages might help give kids both the sun and the moon

Imagine seeing two children of different ethnic backgrounds reading together the same book in their own language and learning from each other while sharing a common bond.

That's the world Franklin County author, Sue James, longs to see with the release of her second dual language book, "El Cuento de Hermana Sol y Hermana Luna."

The Story of Sister Sun and Sister Moon, originally published in 2018 solely in English, tells the story of Sister Sun and Sister Moon and how they light up the sky. The story carries the message of self-value and to value each other through its characters, each having their jobs to do at different times, yet both equally important.

"For the children who take this book home, it's so great that they can learn both languages at the same time," James explained. "That is why I wanted the book to be laid out the way it is with the translations side by side. I wanted this story of self worth to be universal to both cultures, both for English and Spanish readers. It allows the reader a glimpse into the other culture quite easily."

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