Delibes's shadow is prolonged: ExLibris pays tribute to him with two exhibitions and a symposium with more than 80 free cultural events

that will take place in Murcia between September 21st to the 27th. It is impossible to summarize the entire program of the III ExLibris International Literary Week, ...

which will include more than 80 free cultural events during seven days of recitals, exhibitions, screenings, book presentations, symposiums and workshops. The activities will take place in person and online- and will have more than 250 participants.

Included in the scheduled events, are the celebration of a symposium and two exhibitions paying tribute to Miguel Delibes on the 100 anniversary of his birth.  This will take place on September 21 in the Murcia Classroom of the Mediterranean Foundation. The symposium will address his life and work.  The writer’s daughter and president of the Delibes Foundation, Elisa Delibes de Castro, and the managing director of the Delibes Foundation, Fernando Zamácola, will participate.  

The symposium will be completed with two exhibitions in La Glorieta -The Drawings of the Road and Five Hours with Mario.  Also, there will be a screening of the film, Función de noche (Night Screening) directed by Josefina Molina, at the Regional Film Library.

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