We chat with Arantza Larrauri, CEO of Libranda, about the digital book and the impact of the coronavirus on the market.

The state of alarm in Spain, which has already lasted for more than two months, has changed many leisure habits.

The book is becoming a faithful ally and companion in these days when meetings with friends or public performances are forbidden. However, the reader found the bookstores closed. The increase in reading in digital format is a fact confirmed by the reports that during these months we have been publishing in Publishnews, such as the 2019 Digital Book Report, coordinated by Libranda. However, after the publication of this report, the rules have continued to change regarding the digital book.

For example, the equalization of VAT to 4%, without differences between the book formats; about this and other things related to the digital book sector, we have talked with Arantza Larrauri, CEO of Libranda.

Read the entire interview here in its original language: Publishnews

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