50 years of Mafalda in Spain: The best phrases from the girl that censorship called "too bold.”

In 1970, the founder of Lumen Publishing, Esther Tusquets, published for the first time in Spain, (It had already been published in Argentina for 7 years) Quino’s best creation, Mafalda.

The little radical was being published under this label after being turned down by Carlos Barral, who considered this sassy girl did not fit in his editorial line.

When it was first published in our country, Quino’s stories came in cartoon stripts and censorship added two lateral black stripes that read: “For adult readers only,” considering that this girl was “too bold,” said Lola Martínez de Albornoz, editor of Lumen, in an interview with Agencia EFE.

To celebrate this historical event, the publishing house has just released, «El amor según Mafalda» (Love, according to Mafalda), a treatise on thet broadest sense of this feeling so well described, analyzed and explained by this little rascal.  Mafalda is drawn with a black mane of hair and a red bow which is mostly to sweeten the ironies, sarcasm and profound knowledge that comes out of her mouth.

Here are some of her best examples: ABC

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