Remembering Juan Marsé through five interviews

The Catalonian writer revealed some of his literary key elements in interviews with the press. “I became a writer because I have a mental problem with the reality that surrounds me, my country, my city, my lifetime . . .

Literature allows me to live experiences that I have never had, but which I have dreamt,” explained Juan Marsé in 2008 when he was awarded the Premio Cervantes Award.

The writer passed away last Sunday in Barcelona at the age of 87, but his literary legacy is one of the most prominent in Spain’s XX Century. His stories covered the evolution of society from the late Franco years to democracy.  These are some fragments of interviews he granted over the years.

The letters from which his first novel was born
The life of a blue-collared writer in París
Pijoaparte, one of the many foreigners in Barcelona
Everything is possible in a novel, as long as the reader believes it
The library of Juan Marsé

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