Argentinian writer, Macelo Luján, wins the Ribera del Duero Short Story Award

“La claridad” (Clarity), the awarded collection is a set of 6 tales of terror built around women who drift into tragic lives.

Argentinian writer, Marcelo Luján, known for his novel, ‘Subsuelo’ (Subsoil) is the latest winner of the Ribera del Duero Short Story Award, the most prestigious and best endowed award (50,000 Euros) for short stories in the Spanish language.  Luján is now part of a select group which includes Marcos Giralt Torrente, Samanta Schweblin, Guadalupe Nettel and Antonio Ortuño, among others.  This award is organized by Páginas de Espuma Publishers and the Ribera del Duero Department. 1,079 writers from 30 countries submitted their manuscripts to the publishing house.

“One of the objectives I wanted to achieve in ‘La claridad’ (Clarity), was for the reader to finish it as if they had finished reading a novel.  To be aware of having read a book, which is not easy in a collection of short stories.  The plots in each tale had to be different, but not so different as to cancel each other,” explains Luján. "It took me over three years to write these stories.”

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