Interview with Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly, releasing a collection of tales with the title, 'Yo soy una señora' (I am a Lady), from Alfaguara

Jaime Bayly (Lima, 1965) had not written short stories before. He had thrown his obsessions and poisons into novels; in more than fifteen stories were he had assembled his excesses as a free-spirited young man in Lima,

heir to a prominent family, victim of a Peruvian high society, where extravagance and frivolity reaches Bacchanal category.  But the tale had yet to be released.

And now with ‘Yo soy una señora’ (I am a Lady), a set (50), Bayly concentrates that unique writing he possesses for self-parody, autobriography, self-destruction and perverse hedonism.  25 from a man’s voice and 25 from a woman’s, those who thrive in that world, a sea in which he himself swims but the others are his targets.

Read complete interview here: El Mundo - Cultura

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