Press Release from Penguin Random House: The Language Map 2020, a journey of literature in Spanish.

The Launguage Map has become a pan-hispanic reference project with 12 common titles to 21 countries who share a common language. • From its inception in 2015, the project from Alfaguara and Literatura Random House has published 124 titles.

Miami, July 20th., 2020.  The literary project shared by these two publishing labels, Alfaguara and Literatura Random House, “Mapa de las Lenguas,” (Language Map) has become a pan-hispanic project which each year offers a singular guide through twelve titles shared by twenty-one countries that speak the same language. This is a global project by twelve authors, who, given their literaty qualities and acceptance by the critics, deserve to trascend from their national sphere to a world map without boundries, only limited by language.

Project “Language Maps,” that since its beginnings five years ago, has already published 124 titles, is nothing more than an invitation to reading and discovery; a journey through a map without boundries, all surrounded by a common language.  Now more than ever, literature is a global communication network and each author in this “Map” is a passport that allows us free travels.

This year, in a world that is closing boundries, we encourage more than ever a journey through the best literature.  A circular tour that does not require  reading order.  You can start in the future with Cadáver exquisito (Exquisite Corpse), the chilling dystopia where industrial production of human flesh is the reigning industry, by the Argentine author, Agustina Bazterrica, who has been awarded the Premio Clarín Award.  Her work will be translated in more than nine languages.

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