La lluvia de Camille (Camille’s Rain) from Esther Bengoechea (Rrose Sélavy Historical Fiction Award)

La lluvia de Camille (Camille’s Rain) (2019) has been awarded the Rrose Sélavy Historical Novel Award from Apeiron Publishers.

This is the literary debut from writer and journalist Esther Bengoechea (Born in Palencia, 1980).

The author tells us that from a young age, she has been drawn to the life and work of Camille Claudel.  In this novel she wanted to bring forth the heart and soul of the artist who although was known as Rodin’s lover, was also a talented sculptor.  “La lluvia de Camille” is dedicated to four women who are no longer present but who were instrumental in the author’s journey throughout her work.

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La lluvia de Camille

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