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Antonio Cabanas: “An author is the product of all the books they have read.”Reading, writing or speaking about Antonio Cabanas is seeing, imagining and recalling the most fascinating time in ancient Egypt.

I was able to travel there thanks to one of his bestsellers (all of his books are), “El hijo del desierto” (Son Of The Desert) and I stayed there.  Today I share this interview with him and I thank him for his kindness and the time he took to speak about his favorite books and authors, his upcoming projects (with a new novel) and his vision on current events.

With a trail full of literary successes, both from critics and readers (his books have been translated into several languages), the former Captain from Iberia Airlines who has thousands of flight hours, was enthralled by Ancient Egypt.  This passion compelled him to study and research everything that has to do with Egypt, and in 1990 became a member of the Asociación Española de Egiptología (Egyptology Association of Spain).  The result, is a series of unforgetable books and stories such as:

·         El ladrón de tumbas                    (The Tomb Thief)

·         La conjura del faraón                  (The Conspiracy of The Pharoh)

·         Los secretos de Osiris                 (The Secrets of Osiris)

·         El sueño milenario                      (The Millenial Dream)

·         El hijo del desierto                       (The Sun of the Desert)

·         El secreto del Nilo                       (The Secret of The Nile)

·         El camino de los dioses             (The Path of the Gods)

·         Las lágrimas de Isis                     (The Tears of Isis)

Read the complete interview here: Actualidad Literatura


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