Congratulations to Dracena Publishers for recovering the work of Arturo Uslar Pietri.

Dracena Publishers recovers “Estacion de mascaras,” (Mask Stations) by Arturo Uslar Pietri; a narrative on how Venezuelan high society, hungry for the riches of the oil industry, supported the coup d’etat.

Alvaro Collado, the main character, returns to Caracas in 1948, after ten years in exile, to find his old friends and acquaintances anxious about a situation that far from understanding it, he is repelled by it: the imminent coup d’etat.  The story is based on the upheaval to feast the next owner of the country by Alvaro’s friends and other shady characters which the Dictator uses to accomplish his agenda. Uslar Pietri weaves a tale that shows us a society rotted by hypocracy.

“Estacion de mascaras” concludes what was to be Uslar Pietri’s trilogy, “El laberinto de Fortuna” (Fortune’s Labyrinth), which then became a two book series beginning with “Un retrato en la geografía” (A Photograph Of The Geography), dealing with the upheaval brought on by the oil exploitation in Venezuela.

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