Interview with Jaime Siles on his essay, “Cinco escritoras, cinco escrituras” (Five writers, five writings).

Jaime Siles tells us in this interesting interview why he decided to write about these five great female writers like Maria Teresa Leon, Maria Zambrano, Ernestina Champourcin, Carmen Conde and Clara Janes, who are blessed with a new sensitivity and a different way of looking at the world.

He will also talk to us about other female writers of literature that deserve special attention and relevance.  And the interview will finish with a poem by Siles from his poetry collection, “Himnos tardíos” (1999) (Late Hymns), illustrating the importance that poetry has in our lives.

P: These five studies seem to have been written at different times.  How did you come up with the idea of grouping them?

S: I thought, that even though the writings take place iduring different times, there was a connecting thread that could bring them all together, which is basically theme; that is, of five women writers in different genres and eras of the XX century, each of which, in their own style and way, contribute to define the historic femenine modern subject.

Why did you choose to talk about these five writers, and especially, what did you want to highlight about them and their work?

S: They were writers who, for one reason or other, have always intrigued me.  I wanted to learn more and obsesrve them.  The piece on Maria Zambrano, the oldest of all the features,is from 1986.  After reading everything I realized how alternative her thinking was.

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