Algaida Editores (Algaida Publishing Company) publishes a new historical novel by Javier Lorenzo.

El caballero verde (The Green Knight), XIII Premio Logroño de Narrativa (13th Logroño Novel Award).

El caballero verde (The Green Knight) by journalist Javier Lorenzo, is a historical novel based on the life of Sancho Martin, a real-life man, who, in the XII century, traveled to the farthest side of the Mediterranean Sea: The Holy Land, to fight in the Crusades. 

It is said he went as far as meeting with Saladin.  The Sunni Sultan, nemesis to Richard the Lion Heart, asked to speak with the Spanish knight who always wore green, ergo the name of “Green Knight,” and whose name is recorded in both the Christian and Muslim chronicles for his valor and battle strategies.

This is also a thriller with a dose of adventure, that allows for other themes such as the unión of the Kingdoms of Aragon with the County of Barcelona, which gave birth to Catalonia, the third and fourth Crusades, and in between a plot involving trafficking of relics.

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