Publishers are ready to return to bookstores.

After two months without publishings and living under the threat of the pandemic, new titles will debut this week.

During the last two months I have seen the umbeliavable: A Sant Jordi without books, autographs, or roses. I have seen a Cervantes without a prize, or speech, or their Majesties.  But although we have to live in a new reality, and Orion is still far away, all these moments will not be forgotten in time, no matter how many tears were shed in the rain.  Those days of closed and shut bookstores, confined novels, and quarantined writers are finally over and have served so that the literary world may reconsider. 

After an unheard of halt in the market, with publishing coming to an almost stand-still, except for a few electronic formats since March, it is time to once more, find the avid readers waiting for new material with great expectations. But the market is facing a new reality, and it is imposible to fill shelves with new material that was left pending two months ago. Small, médium and large publishers know this and they have reduced their investments for this very peculiar “re-enter” that starts this week and will extend until July.

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