Elena Aub, daughter and publicist of Max Aub, is dead

Until 2012 she directed the foundation that shares its name with one of the most talked-about authors of the 1920s.

Elena Aub, second daughter of Max Aub, always refered to her father in the third person as “mi Papa” (my father), and her son as “el Güero” (The Blond).  Although she was born in Spain and lived there until escaping the Civil War, she spoke with a Mexican accent.  She had a sweet demeanor but could also be explosive and angry when defending her father’s legacy. 

She made it her mission in life to broadcast her father’s work, but it went further than just a daughter’s admiration for her father. She had her own ideas about literature in exile and about Cernuda, for example.  She knew everything about her father’s legacy and writing and was persuasive when advocating his way of life.  Elena Aub has died at the age of 89, 48 years after her father’s death.

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