More US schools teach in English and Spanish

But not enough to help Latino kids Classes taught in both languages help students from various backgrounds, but many districts have fought to keep Spanish out of schools.

The USA TODAY Network is launching a series on the Latino community in the USA called Hecho en USA, or made in America. Roughly 80% of all Latinos living in the USA are American citizens, but media coverage of Hispanics tends to focus on immigration and crime, instead of how Latino families live, work and learn in their hometowns. Hecho en USA tells the stories of the nation’s 59.9 million Latinos – a growing economic and cultural force, many of whom are born in the USA.

Bilingual education programs can help children from all backgrounds become better students. Research shows that dual-language programs where children learn both Spanish and English are especially helpful for Latino English-language learners.

Original source of information: USA TODAY

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