David Nel·Lo and Luis Leante, the winners of the XXVIII edition of the Edebe Award for children and young adult literature.

The exodus of an extensive family of cockroaches, told by one of the youngest members of the family is "The story of Ivo Cukar."

A not-so typical fable in a world of animals who think and speak and feel the same as humans, and who are capable of the best and the worst. War, refugees, racism and xenophobia, but also hope, respect for being different and the value of friendship are explained while perfectly balancing drama and a sense of humor.

Through this story David Nel·lo has wanted to render "an homage to Aesop’s fables or to those of Jean de La Fontaine, encouraging a reflection on the distorted and absurd concept of territory."

With Maneras de vivir (Ways of living), Luis Leante weaves in a journalistic style the story of four protagonists who are joined by music, destiny and the right to a second chance. A novel which speaks about achievement, the capacity of being redeemed and reinvented, and the value of family ties. 

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